The Pew family resided on these grounds through the Battle of 1812. The house is over 200 years old and has been said to be haunted by Samuel "Sam" Pew and his two daughters and son whom mysteriously died within several years after the war. [See mason stone JA Pew on house.] The house had remnants of bullets lining the walls – bullets that were used in the Battle of Lundy's Lane. The fourth floor was burned down completely. Paranormal experts have verified that the grounds are authentically haunted. The char markings can still be seen in the attic to this day. What happened to the family will remain unknown. Some say they see the mother and the son gazing out the attic window late at night. Local paranormal experts reported the husband of this family to be patrolling the grounds, guarding his family to this day. Others report strange voice phenomenon all across the property. Today it is known as Haunt Manor featuring unique Haunted Houses and Hayrides taking place on this historical site.

War of 1812 - Battle of Lundy's Lane

Bullets from battle recovered on property